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  • With 12 years of optimizing Silabmed, rest assured that quality lies within.
  • Put the last piece of the puzzle in your laboratory, Silabmed will fit just right.
  • Get friendly with technology for your lab, plug into Silabmed for the optimal connection.

Laboratory Information Systems Silabmed

Looking for an effective tool to organize your laboratory for one or multiple users? With Silabmed, you can manage your lab information with confidence!

Silabmed is a fully functional LIMS for your daily objectives in the laboratory in one application.

The software is easy to navigate through.

Silabmed can be tailored for compatibility with all your instruments, present and future.

The software will be set up on a scalable system to improve performance and accomodate growth.

 Silabmed will empower your laboratory to become more efficient, manipulate patient data securely, be flexibility in your management process and communicate more easily.


The latest version of Silabmed offers the following features:
  • Audit Trail,
  • Bar-coding,
  • Configurable Setup,
  • Data Entry,
  • Data Warehousing and Mining,
  • Event-Driven Actions,
  • Electronic Data Exchange
  • Printing, Faxing & Emailing Reports,
  • Formulas,
  • Instrument Interfacing,
  • Invoicing,
  • Login/Accession,
  • Multiple Locations/Departments,
  • Regulatory Compliance,
  • Reporting,
  • Review/Approval,
  • Sample Management and Tracking,
  • Trending/Control Charting,
  • Version Control,
  • Work Load Management,
  • Web Access &  Web Portal. 

Silabmed is the ideal tool to help you increase your laboratory's productivity and profitability.


Our ears are open for the details of your setup and what you would like to run optimally.

Tell us your story so we can give you the best setup for the way you do business.

Let us work out the details of a total package and we will be sure to leave you with nothing to worry about.


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