SILABMED , A Laboratory Information System



Silabmed is the ideal tool to meet your needs! Silabmed is comprehensive medical laboratory management software designed to increase the speed, productivity and profitability of your laboratory. The results of a medical laboratory are the compass that guides doctors' decisions. It is therefore essential for any medical laboratory to optimize its services by integrating a computerized management system.

  • Silabmed complies with the latest regulations in the management of medical analysis laboratories. Its modularity, as well as its ability to integrate with other software, allows proven efficiency and superior communication speed with other users.
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Quality control / approval

QA is a function of Silabmed that helps technicians control the laboratory analysis process and by using the Levey-Jennings chart, it can also validate the results of laboratory calculations.

Data warehousing and data mining

Silabmed offers remote data warehouses for data backup, but also uses an extremely powerful process (algorithmic method) to secure this data.

Patient management, physicians, and affiliated institution.

Standard features allow for the recording, visualization, modification and deletion of patients, physicians and institutions affiliated with a laboratory.

Document Management

It is vitally important in labs to keep track of physical documents, and Silabmed has integrated this feature which allows users to scan and manage these documents by virtually attaching them to the corresponding folders.

Billing / Multiple Price List

This feature allows you to bill your customers at various rates. For example: Customers who have insurance will be charged differently than those who pay privately.

Laboratory Instrument Interface

Silabmed is a complete LIS (laboratory information system) which has several drivers for communication with various devices in the laboratory, making it easy to send tests from Silabmed and to receive test results from the device.

Patient and Laboratory Portals

When you purchase Silabmed, it automatically comes with the benefit of an internet portal with a domain name that corresponds to the name of your laboratory. Test results are automatically sent to this portal giving the lab’s clients almost instant access their results via the internet.

Barcode identification

This feature allows each sample to be identified by a barcode number that is automatically generated by Silabmed.

Printing, Faxing and Email Reports

Silabmed also handles printing on different types of devices, whether normal printers or barcode printers. Silabmed also has the capability to fax or email information and analysis to patients, doctors and other parties.